In Praise of Naps

I’m taking the month of November to practice gratitude by counting my blessings. Day 1 is here, and Day 2 is here

Nothing is so precious as the thing you can’t have, right? As I mentioned in a recent post, neither I nor my husband have been getting a ton of sleep lately. It turns out that having a baby will do that to you. And while aforementioned baby is of course worth all of the sleep deprivation, I find myself longing for a nap on a daily basis. Even though I’m at home with Ava right now, most days I don’t dare to nap because Ava herself naps in increments that usually range from 30-50 minutes. That’s hardly enough time for me to get any good quality sleep, and on more than one occasion I’ve been certain that my daughter must possess some sort of baby radar that alerts her to the fact that mom is resting because it’s at the precise moments when I’m putting head to pillow that she has often awakened.

However, the last two days, Ava has taken naps that have lasted about two hours. Yesterday I napped the entire time she did, and it was glorious. Yes, there was housework I could have done instead, and many days I race around like a crazy woman, trying to fit in as many tasks as possible in the precious minutes she’s asleep. But yesterday I needed to sleep more than I needed my dishes to be clean, so I slept, not knowing if it would be 30 minutes or 2 hours but knowing a little was better than none. I’m so very thankful that nap was 2 hours. That nap gave me the energy I needed to get through the rest of the day. So today I give thanks for naps, and I give thanks for the fact that because I’m not working out of the home right now, I have the option of taking them.


Ava, napping and holding onto a toy. #multitasker