Whirlwind Weekend

Wow, sometimes it feels really good to just sit down and be alone! This has been one crazy weekend. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday by renewing their vows and having a lovely reception, so practically all of the family on my mother’s side was there for it, along with a bunch of other people I had never seen before in my life. As the priest was officiating over the vow renewal ceremony, one portion of the ceremony mentioned something about raising children up in the Lord, which got a good laugh from everyone since I’m pretty sure my grandmother would end up on national television if she started having babies at her age. (Apparently the priest was reading from the typical marriage ceremony rites and then improvising other stuff, and he just read that part without thinking.)

Poor Stephen accompanied me to this event and then stayed overnight at my parent’s house (along with several other people), so he got a nice glimpse into the craziness that can be my family. Hopefully they didn’t scare him away. 😉 He brought his dog Bailey with him, and we thought it would be fun to introduce Bailey to Sandy and Bear (my parent’s dog and my brother’s dog). That was a mistake on both counts. Sandy hated Bailey, as she hates almost everyone else, and Bailey was terrified of Bear (he’s an 80-pound lab). It was quite funny, except for when Bailey got so worked up that she was practically foaming at the mouth. I had to feel sorry for Bailey because she was clearly confused about everything and all of the new, strange people she was having to meet. At least she likes me!

I don’t know why I haven’t been updating my Xanga as much. It seems that Xanga in general seems to be suffering from a bit of a traffic flow problem or something. Perhaps MySpace is stealing all of the cyber-addicts away from Xanga. Oh well.

I think I need a nap to recover from all of this “family time.” That or a stiff drink.


My New Favorite Activity

Swimming. It’s pretty much the only thing to do when it’s blazing hot and 115% humidity. (Although I must say that it’s better in East TN than in West TN, so lucky me!) I went today for the first time by myself, and I had a lovely time. I swam 22 laps (not the long way, mind you. If I did that, I’d be able to do about 2 and a half laps) and read some from She’s Come Undone book and listened to my iPod. So not only did I get exercise, but I got a tan and enjoyed myself. This is going to be a daily thing, possibly. Or if not daily, perhaps every other day. What else do I have to do? I don’t even care that I look like a beached whale compared to the other girls there; it feels so good to glide through the water that I forget all about what I look like. That’s certainly a feeling I’d like to have all the time.

Now I’m off to do something decidedly less exciting: buy groceries. Oh well, a girl’s gotta eat!

Meet Me in the Middle

I get to see Stephen on Saturday!!! We were going to have to wait until the end of the month when I went home for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary party, but I had the brilliant idea of meeting up in Nashville this week. I’m sooo excited because it seems like forever since I last saw him, when in reality it was more like 8 days. We’re going to meet at Opry Mills because there’s lots to do there, and then take it from there. Yippee!!!

Getting Older

I’m sick. I think I might cough up my lung. That might be cool.

The water was turned back on yesterday, right when I needed it. I went to see Tristan Prettyman in concert at Blue Cats. The doors opened at 8, but two people opened for her (the first not until 9:30), and she didn’t come on until 11. By that time my friend Diana and I were ready for bed. We’re so old. When she finally did come on, she kept talking about how she hoped she was helping us all “start our night off right.” Start our night? She was helping us end it. Hehe. Somehow, though, I think we were the only ones planning on going to bed once the concert was over.

Today’s plans: lie on the couch watching movies, miss Stephen, cough up a lung. Exciting.