A Sunny Sunday

Sunday afternoon was beautiful outside–breezy with low humidity.  In the shade, it was downright pleasant, which is basically unheard of in the South in August!  I decided it would be fun to take Charlotte out to the backyard and let her play under a tree for a little while.  Here are some of the pictures I took (there are a LOT more than these!): 

I don’t think she loved the shades. 🙂

But perhaps she loved the hat?

She will put ANYTHING in her mouth.  This toy is one of her favorites.  

From looking at these pictures, you would never know that Charlotte STILL has an ear infection, but she does.  She hasn’t been eating great and is pulling at her ear quite a bit.  Her pediatrician told us to call on Monday if she still didn’t seem better and she would change the antibiotic (AGAIN), so that’s what we’re going to do.  Fortunately, she’s slept great the past several nights in a row, so at least she’s getting sleep. It’s been two weeks since this all started, and we are so ready for our sweet girl to be well!  Hopefully this next round of antibiotics will do the trick! 


Don’t Pee in the Pool

The complex where Stephen and I live has a pool, and we like to take advantage of it while we can since it is more likely than not that we won’t ever have a pool again, and our times of swimming together have taught me something. People are rude in the pool. The following are a few simple guidelines, that if adopted, could make everyone’s pool experience much more enjoyable. Read, ponder, embrace.

1. If you have small children at the pool and they are swimming, kindly ask them to refrain from making large jumps into the pool near other swimmers (and by near I mean within one foot of another person). This almost always results in an unwelcome dousing on the innocent bystanders, often in the facial region.

2. If you have small children at the pool and they are swimming, remind them that their friends/siblings are only a few inches from them and therefore shouting matches are not really necessary.

3. If the pool is crowded, it’s probably best not to do laps across the pool, as this almost always results in innocent bystanders being hit by flailing limbs.

4. If the pool is crowded, playing catch at opposite ends of the pool is not really the greatest idea. This almost always results in innocent bystanders being hit by wayward water toys.

5. Wearing shoes like flip flops into the actual pool is never a good idea, as this almost always results in innocent bystanders having to wade through grass and dead bugs.

If you’ve guessed that the phrase “innocent bystanders” refers to Stephen or me, you guessed correctly. This however does not negate the validity of these guidelines. I encourage all of my readers to remember them next time you go to the pool.

In fact, it’s probably just best to do nothing in the pool but stand there. 🙂

Yippie Skippy!

I get to see Stephen tomorrow (technically today I guess)! We’re celebrating our 3 month anniversary (I know it’s cheesy, but I don’t care) by going to Natchez Trace State Park and swimming and renting paddle boats and having the picnic we planned to have on our first date, if it doesn’t rain. If it does rain, we’ll watch Gilmore Girls and rent movies. Since the former sounds much more original than the latter, I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. (Not that I don’t love any chance to watch Gilmore Girls.) Did I mention that Stephen, knowing of my great love for those beloved Gilmores and wishing to share it with me, is systematically watching every episode in the series? I parted with all of my DVD’s (that’s love right there) so he could watch them, and so far he’s made it halfway through season four. His goal is to watch all the way through season six (after it comes out on DVD Sept. 19) before season seven starts, so he and I can watch each new episode together. (“Together” meaning “watching it while on the phone with each other in different cities”. And I’m out of control with the parenthetical asides tonight. My apologies.) Not only is he watching all of the episodes, he actually likes the show! (Sorry, Stephen, I hope it was okay to broadcast this. I wouldn’t want anyone to question your manhood or anything.) I knew I wasn’t crazy for dating him. We’re also going to go out for dinner somewhere, which is always fun. It should be a wonderful day.

On a somewhat related note, it occurred to me recently that a lot of you probably don’t even know how Stephen and I started dating. So here’s what I’ll do: if I get 20 eprops (or comments, even though that’s much too easy for one person to just comment 20 times) for this post, I’ll tell you the story. I haven’t been feeling the Xanga love much lately, and this is my pathetic, last-ditch attempt to get some eprops. We’ll see what happens! Now I’m off to get my beauty sleep!

Up with the Sun

I woke up around 5 a.m. this morning. Why? Because I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I was having a bit of an allergy attack, so I took some off-brand stuff equivalent to Benadryl, and I felt comatose about 10 minutes later. Probably should have just taken one pill instead of two. And let me just tell you: there’s not a lot to watch on TV at 5 a.m. However, there were two full hours of Saved by the Bell on, and even though they were episodes with Miss Bliss and therefore sub par to the later episodes without her, I watched all four of them. That’s sad. I’ve since cleaned my room, showered, paid some bills, and done lots of other random odds and ends, and it’s only a little after 10 a.m. What am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?! This is why I like sleeping until 10 or so; you don’t have to think of nearly as much stuff with which to occupy your time! Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Target. (As if I need an excuse to do that.)

And can someone tell me when it was that Target became “cool”? I can still remember when people pretty much equated it with Wal-Mart and didn’t give it much thought, and it certainly didn’t use to generate as much excitement for me as it currently does. Now it seems like everyone loves Target and can’t get enough of it. (Don’t get me wrong; I love Wal-Mart, too, but there’s something distinctly more “polished” about Target.) It’s an interesting phenomenon, as is the rise in popularity of MP3 players and satellite radio. How in the world did people in the 18th century occupy their time without any of these modern inventions??

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