Day 18: Ode to the Slow Cooker

Dear slow cooker, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thy easy controls, low and high.
I love thy cavernous depths, where many a chicken breast
cooks to tender, juicy perfection,
where many a soup simmers with a delicious hum.
With simply the touch of a button, dinner is started,
peace of mind attained.
Friend to tired mothers and weary workers everywhere,
you greet one and all with succulent aromas
after a day of toil, and happy families gather around you,
a circle of love.


So, pretty sure Elizabeth Barrett Browning just rolled over in her grave, but seriously, how awesome is the slow cooker? 🙂


Straws: A Tribute

Straws and I go way back. I remember the first “fun” straw I got, probably as part of a Happy Meal, that had a bunch of loops in it, and I loved drinking Kool-Aid with it. I would slowly suck the colorful liquid, watching it make its ascent up the loops, fascinated by the simple science. Drinking with a straw made the beverages taste better and last longer (at least it seemed that way), and using a straw was much more entertaining than merely using my lips (and I could blow bubbles in my sodas). The delight I found in getting the liquid halfway up the straw and then lifting the straw out of the glass, liquid frozen in space, stays with me to this day.
I don’t have any “fun” straws anymore; now mine are of the basic grocery store variety, but I still insist on buying the straws that are fun colors instead of the ones that are just blue and white striped. Stephen is baffled by my affection for straws, and it saddens me that he does not use them. (I must content myself with blowing the paper wrapper at him. He doesn’t much care for that, either.) I tried to explain the wonder of straws to him, even insisted upon their utility (many a straw has saved me from having the ice at the bottom of the glass come rushing to the top, thus preventing liquid from splashing onto my face), but to no avail. All couples have their disagreements, and I suppose if this is ours, we have it pretty good. 🙂

What is one object you use on a regular basis that you couldn’t go without?

Post-its: A Tribute

Stephen and I made a trip to Office Max yesterday, and he received a firsthand glimpse into my fixation on office supplies. Seeing those rows of pens, those stacks of notebooks, those beautiful Post-its, and those wonderful storage containers gives me joy I can only call weird but persistent. While in the store I was trying to decide which office supply would be my favorite, and I’ve come up with my top 5 must-have office supplies that are both fun and functional–all that the perfect office supply should be.

5. A white-out pen (Not only can you correct errors, you can use it to label things!)
4. Paper clips (The multi-colored ones are the most fun)
3. A stapler (hearing that “click” as staple meets paper is oddly satisfying)
2. A good gel pen (I love the Pilot G-2)
1. Post-its (My mother-in-law gave me Post-its and gel pens last Christmas, thereby solidifying her place forever in my heart.)

In honor of my number one office supply, the Post-it, I offer this poetic tribute:

O delightfully sticky pad of goodness,
how I revel in your many hues,
adore your reliable adhesive power
and your willingness to travel
from office to home, from planner to wall.
O Post-it, thou shelter of memory,
forever may my desk be graced by your presence.