Life is Crazy

Crazy busy, that is. I started a new job not too long ago, and things really got in full swing this week (possibly more about that later, but I’m too tired to explain right now).

Last week Stephen and I went on vacation to Atlanta and Chattanooga to celebrate our 5th anniversary (yay!), and poor Charlotte came down with a double ear infection and bronchitis the night before we left (boo!). We ended up having to take her to urgent care because she woke up with a fever of 103, and that’s when we found out she was sick. We were really pretty shocked because she’d had a great weekend and had been sleeping and eating well. After debating canceling our trip, we ended up shortening it on both ends, but we still managed to have some fun together! A few pics:

Charlotte is doing better but is still not 100%. If you recall, she just had tubes put in her ears in NOVEMBER, and one has already come out. Tubes typically come out anywhere from 9-18 months after they’re put in (sometimes even longer), but Charlotte doesn’t settle for average, so hers came out early. 🙂 And wouldn’t you know it that the very next week after one of them was out, she ended up with the ear infections? I am afraid we’re going to have to redo the tubes sometime in the near future. Our bank account is already weeping. 😉 It’s been very frustrating because I feel like she is always sick, either with an ear infection or a cough, and I want her to be healthy! Fortunately, God has blessed us with a real trooper, as Charlotte is her happy, bubbly self almost all of the time, except when she’s either tired or hungry (and who isn’t grumpy when tired or hungry?). 

What’s new in everyone’s lives? Catch me up!


Friday Five: Happenings this Week

Clearly blogging happens more regularly if I’m able to schedule posts in advance, as both of my entries this week were actually written on Sunday. It is hard to find time during the week to blog, but I miss it as well. Here’s a little of what’s happening around our house:

1. Charlotte has a million more teeth. Okay, so maybe not a million, but whereas she just recently had 6, it now seems she has at least 9, if not more. It’s hard to get a good look in her mouth without her putting up quite the protest.

2. I’ve woken up by 5:30 at the latest every day this week. Yeah! I’m so excited to start the Hello Mornings Challenge on Monday.

3. I got a great deal on a 2-month YMCA membership ($20, through a local deal site, SnagMob). The reason I bought it? ZUMBA! They also have spinning classes, which I’ve wanted to try for a while. I’m thrilled to try out the classes!

4.  Charlotte’s had a cough for over a month. It was a cold that turned into bronchiolitis, and we’ve given her breathing treatments 3 times a day for the past 8 days. She’s still coughing, though. 😦 We’re going for a checkup this afternoon, and I’m curious to see what the doctor says. Charlotte’s been such a trooper and hasn’t acted like she’s felt too bad until this week. I think it’s really starting to wear on her. I just want my baby to be healthy! She’s been to the doctor practically every month of her life, and while I am SO thankful that it’s only been for relatively minor things, I hate it for her.

5.  I really wish Charlotte were older so we could go see Beauty and the Beast in 3-D. That is my all-time favorite Disney movie, and I know she would love it. Fortunately, we own it so I’ll be able to watch it with her some day. 🙂

I hope you all have great weekends! Tell me something good that’s happening!

So Long, Farewell…

Today is my final day in my 20s! I am getting my hair cut (pictures will be posted, obviously), and I am also getting my license renewed (in person, so I can get a new picture). Tonight we will be in Memphis with my parents, grandparents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and niece and will have a celebratory dinner and dessert (carrot cake-my favorite).  It’s gonna be a great day that caps off an already-great week of vacation. Thus far this week I have:

  • been to two malls 
  • seen two movies (Contagion and Dolphin Tale-my tastes, they are diverse)
  • purchased one new pair of khakis
  • purchased a new perfume (Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs)
  • eaten lots of yummy fudge
  • explored City Museum (the most awesome place EVER.  Also, funny story: we took the MetroLink to Union Station on Tuesday and then decided to walk to City Museum because it didn’t look like it was too far away. It was cold and also drizzling a bit, but we toughed it out, only to arrive and find out the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the winter. At least we walked 1.2 miles more than we would have that day!)
  • run/walked on a treadmill at our hotel‘s fitness center
  • had delicious ribs at the hotel restaurant
  • saw lots of interesting and beautiful and sometimes strange art at St. Louis Art Museum (I love the museum’s url, by the way)
  • slept for 10 hours straight one night (I could definitely get used to that. Not that it’s remotely within the realm of possibility for my day-to-day life.) 
  • read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-loved! (Pretty sure it was about $4 more than its current price when I purchased it. Lame.)
  • read Fools Rush In-meh. (It was a free Kindle book.)

So long, 20s! It’s been real.

Coming Up In October

Things I’m looking forward to in October:

1. 5:00 p.m. today. And every day this week. Haha.

2. Running in the morning. I was gently encouraged by my husband to get out of bed 30 minutes after my 5:30 alarm, and while it was a struggle of epic proportions to haul myself out of bed (and not just because I’m heavy, thanks so much), I am glad I did it. I got in a solid 25 minutes on dear old dreadmill and plan to repeat that tomorrow. I do have a 4 miler coming up, after all!

3. Getting my hair cut. I have blogged more than once about my hair woes, and I am super excited that on Oct. 21, I am getting a hair makeover! My mom found a salon in Memphis that a few people recommended, and she’s treating me to a hair makeover for my birthday. I am beyond excited and open to anything. (Hopefully the stylist doesn’t think that my new look should involve a mohawk.)

4. Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. This is absolutely my favorite Starbucks drink, and I will definitely get one sometime this month.

5. My birthday. The big 3-0. I love my birthday, and this year is no exception. I’m really excited about turning 30 and starting a new phase of life!

6. Having one entire WEEK off of work. Yep, I took off the week right before my birthday. It will be my first true vacation since I started working at the law firm two years ago, and I am giddy just thinking about it!

7. Going to St. Louis with my honey. Stephen and I are taking a little trip to St. Louis the week I am off (he took off work too because he’s awesome), and we are going to have a blast.

8. Three full nights of uninterrupted sleep. We’re leaving Char with Stephen’s parents while we’re in St. Louis, and while I will miss her like crazy and probably feel guilty for leaving her, I am going to LOVE all the hours of sleep I’m going to rack up!

9. Getting Charlotte’s first Halloween costume. My workplace has a Halloween costume contest every year, and I am on the prowl for costumes for Charlotte and me. I thought it would be cute if we went as ladybugs, but all the adult ladybug costumes I’ve found are kind of slutty. Hmm…

10. Wearing sweaters. I love sweaters. They are pretty much my favorite thing to wear, and there is nothing better than snuggling up in a cozy sweater on a cold day and reading a book or watching a movie in front of the fireplace.

This list makes me happy. This month is going to be fantastic!

What are you looking forward to?