An Update: Weight Loss and Moving Woes

I’m happy to report that I managed to shed those 3 pounds I gained earlier in May, and I ended the month at a new low weight of 167.8! That makes a loss of 3.4 pounds for May and a total loss of 93.6 pounds (up until the moment I wrote this post and actually calculated the total, I thought it was 94.6 pounds. Just shows how awesome my math skills are.).

Probably the only reason I managed to lose those pounds is because I was so busy with packing and moving that I didn’t have time to eat constantly. I certainly didn’t do any “proper” exercising, although I definitely was very active despite dealing with a nasty cold or sinus infection. I did try to keep my water and fiber intake up, so that must have helped some.

I wish I could say that everything is great now that we are moved into our house, but to be quite honest, I’m feeling a little deflated about the whole thing. The first disappointment was realizing that our washer and dryer do not fit into the designated laundry area but are just a few inches too wide. We’ll have to either get a new dryer, cut into the wall so the area is a little bigger, or have the washer in the space and the dryer just outside it, which is the current setup.

The second disappointment was realizing that our dog has gotten fleas from being out in the backyard, a backyard that she initially loved to romp around in but now hardly wants to go out in at all. That makes Stephen and me really sad because we were SO excited for Bailey to have a yard to run around in after always having to be leashed, and now she’s miserable because of the fleas. We have sprayed the yard and sprayed the house, swept and vacuumed and washed rugs, pillows, blankets, etc., and bathed Bailey with flea shampoo, all to no avail. She was already taking Frontline, but that seems to have done little to help. The last remaining course of action we can think of is to have the lawn professionally treated for fleas. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what we’ll do.

The biggest disappointment has to do with the air conditioning. I noticed that it didn’t seem to be cooling down too much last weekend when we were moving in, but I just chalked it up to having the doors open so much as we came in and out and hoped it would improve. However, by the time that Stephen’s parents left on Tuesday, it was 80+ degrees in the house even though the air was set to 74. It simply wouldn’t cool, except in the middle of the night when the outside temperature went down. We contacted the home warranty company on Wednesday, and to condense a long story, the 5-year-old unit had not been serviced or cleaned at all, and the condenser coils (or whatever they’re called) were almost 90% blocked because of all the dirt and grime, which resulted in the compressor pump not functioning at full capacity, which caused the unit’s inability to cool properly. So we have to have the unit cleaned, which the warranty doesn’t cover, and if that doesn’t fix the problem, we’ll have to replace the compressor pump, which would cost around $1200, and the warranty also won’t cover that since this problem existed before the warranty. What’s especially awesome annoying is that we had an HVAC inspection before buying the house, and supposedly everything was working fine, so it’s really frustrating that basically we’re having to deal with other people’s negligence.

However, the house isn’t all bad, and I know once we get these situations figured out, we’ll feel better about everything. We love having a garage, our bedroom is huge, the kitchen is wonderful, and we have lots of ceiling fans that are helping us stay cool. It’s just disappointing not to have this rosy, ecstatic feeling about the house we’d looked forward to living in for two months, especially as someone who has watched countless home shows on HGTV where the couple buys the house and it’s perfect and wonderful. But as I write that, I am reminded that 1) it’s TV, and nothing is perfect and 2) ultimately my satisfaction should not come from the temporal but the eternal, and that only in Christ will I find true contentment.

May you too find contentment in Christ. I hope you are all doing well. I will return to my regular, less whiny blogging sometime in the near future. 🙂


6 thoughts on “An Update: Weight Loss and Moving Woes

  1. first of all, super huge congratulations on your weight loss! that is awesome and amazing and inspiring!!

    as for the house woes…well, that's kinda what being a homeowner is! there are always things breaking and times when you find out that something doesn't work how you thought it would…but it will all be worth it once you get settled into your own place! a few of our “growing pains”: the first week we had the house i was not yet used to how tight garage was and ended up pulling in wrong and crashed into (and ruined) the built in cabinets in the garage! when we decided to have hardwood floors put in and were pulling up the carpet, we discovered that the subfloor on either side of our fireplace had rotted, apparently due to some water problem which honestly we still haven't gotten to fix…but there were huge holes on either side! and there are drainage issues with the roof that may eventually compromise our foundation. lots of little things that add up over time. it will get better though!

    and butch had fleas really bad at first too–fleas are just a problem in the hot southern summers. just spray the yard, spray the house, give her a bath, and get a flea comb to make sure that you get all the eggs off of her. my vet also has a pill that you can give your dog that will kill any fleas and eggs on them.

    hugs and prayers that things go more smoothly!


  2. I am so sorry about the A/C. Have you talked to your realtor about this? He/she may be able to help. Doesn't seem like you should be on the hook for this when it existed prior to your move and your HW. It's definitely worth contacting the sellers to see what they say. Even an attorney. I regret that I didn't do the same when I first bought my condo. Turns out my bedroom had a huge hole in the carpet that the previous owners covered with furniture. I was so mad, but too tired to do anything about it at the time. I wish I had fought it though.

    Hang in there honey! This stuff will get worked out! Praying for you in the meantime.


  3. I can't believe the home warranty doesn't cover enough of those costs. If yours covers what our warranty covered, you could get a new one for cheaper! We did that with our heater.

    The first time a company came out to “fix” our A/C, they said it was a bad compressor, too, and it turned out just to be a lack of freon, which is what our second opinion company fixed after we weren't happy with the warranty company's first choice. I hope your company is more responsible and/or competent.


  4. I suggest looking into a flea/tick pill called Comfortis. It's high-powered and begins sterilizing fleas on the dog within 30 minutes. We have to buy it for our dog b/c she is allergic to topical flea/tick meds. I'm guessing your yard, though, will require professional assistance. Good Luck!


  5. Our dog was on Frontline, and it didn't seem to be working! Our vet informed us that Frontline quits working after a time, and switched us to a new one. I think it is called “Comfortis” and it works really well. They apparently build up a tolerance to it. Hope that helps!


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