July Goals Checkup: Week 2

July starting weight: 189.8
Last week’s weight: 188.6
Current weight: 187.8
LOSS of .8 pounds

Not great, but it’s not a gain, so I’ll take it. I really didn’t know what to expect this week on the scale, so I’m always relieved when I haven’t gained.

Here’s a report on my goals for this month.

Fitness/Health goals:
1. Burn at least 2500 calories a week. DONE. 2821 calories burned.
2. Run 2 miles 3 times a week. DONE. But just barely. I did my last run on Tuesday afternoon in the sun and humidity, which was idiotic, and had I not made this goal, I wouldn’t have finished, but I ended up logging 4 miles (2 running, 2 walking).
3. Stay within my calorie range 6 of 7 days. I have no idea if I did this or not, to be honest. I wasn’t very diligent with tracking. I’m trying to do a better job of just listening to my body, but it’s hard.
4. Strength train at least 2 times a week. 50% done. I only strength trained once.

Personal goals:
1. Read 3 books. IN PROGRESS. Currently STILL reading the book about worry (I haven’t picked it up nearly often enough) and have started rereading The Time Traveler’s Wife as well.
2. Memorize 3 Scripture passages. NOT DONE. I kept thinking about doing this, but I haven’t actually done it. That means I have to really step it up the next 2 weeks!
3. Organize the bookshelves. IN PROGRESS. I have finished cataloging all the books, so the next task is to figure out how to categorize them and then shelve them accordingly, which will be rather tiresome. (And as Stephen said, then we’ll move and all of them will end up in boxes. Ha.)
4. Organize the closets, particularly the master bedroom closet. IN PROGRESS. I am almost finished with the master bedroom closet. All that remains is to go through all of my shoes and weed out ones I haven’t worn in a year or more. I’m hoping that will free up some room. The next closet I tackle will be our coat closet.

All in all, not a perfect week but not a terrible week either. I don’t know what my problem with strength training is, but I just haven’t gotten into a routine with it at all. I think part of the problem is that by the time I have done cardio, I am so wiped that the thought of doing anything else tires me. But I also tried doing strength training first, and then my cardio session was only so-so. I guess the only remaining possibility is to have days dedicated solely to strength training, but I don’t really love that idea either because I love my cardio. Perhaps I could do a quick 10 or 15 minutes (like a quick run) as a warm up and then try strength training after that. I think that is what I will try this week. Does anyone else have suggestions about how to make strength training a regular part of my fitness routine? I know it is essential, but I just have this mental block about it for some reason.


3 thoughts on “July Goals Checkup: Week 2

  1. I'm right there with ya on the strenght training. I wonder why it is that we get ourselves into that rut?! I'm not really actually intimiated by the machines, just would rather do the cardio. Maybe its because of the silly display, an immediate sense of gratification when I see the calories burned go up and the time left go down?


  2. I fully understand your cardio addiction but I have finally come to realized that MUSCLE burns FAT so therefore I must build that muscle. Cardio alone will not do that. I jog/walk (C25K) 3 times a week and try to strength train 3 times a week. I always do a quick warmup before my ST and then if I do any cardio it is only walking afterwards. I keep my running days separate as my body needs to rest and rebuild or I burn out.
    When I first get into something new for cardio, it is ALL I want to do. In the last couple of months it has been the learning to run program and my ST went south, now I know I have to be more dillegent in my ST or I won't really get anywhere.


  3. The best thing for me was to keep them seperate. Do one in the morning and then one in the afternoon, if you can. It keeps the time to shorter intervals and you have a chance to recover a bit for one before moving on to the next.

    Perhaps plan to do some strength training, tackle the coat closet, then do some cardio? You get to check off multiple things without any portion of your exercise suffering!


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