A Little of This, a Little of That

1. I am in the home stretch with school; this is finals week, but I had my students turn in a paper as their final, so I’m just camped out at home pretending to grade but actually watching season 4 of The Office. They’ll get done, though. Eventually.

2. I have several books I want to read, but here are three I am definitely tackling as soon as grading is behind me: The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, and The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.

3. I burned 3000 calories working out last week. This week my goal is 3,500, which is what it takes to lose one pound.

4. I am proud of the way I’ve been pushing myself with exercise, but I still need to work on my eating. Some days are really good, and other days frustration or laziness gets the best of me, and I don’t make good choices. I think I will battle food issues the rest of my life, but I will NOT go back to where I was at the beginning of this year.

5. If Vicky wins this season of The Biggest Loser, I will be furious. She is the biggest game player and has acted horrendously for most of the season. I’m rooting for Michelle, who is pretty much the only likeable person left.

6. When the new year begins, I will be thinner than I’ve been since I graduated college. For once I won’t regret where I am but will look forward to where I am going. God has done an amazing work in my life this year!

7. Favorite album of 2008: Albertine by Brooke Fraser. Go and look her up; you won’t regret it. Runner up: Ending is Beginning by downhere.


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