Can You Do 100 Push Ups?

I sure can’t! But I am going to be able to after I complete the 100 Hundred Push Ups Challenge. After beginning the initial test doing the “real” push ups and collapsing after just three, I decided that I would have to go for the alternative, aka “girly” push ups, for the time being. I was able to do 16 “good form” girly push ups, which put me in the second column (see the chart for week 1). I completed the first week on Saturday, and while the first two days were relatively simple, the third day was TOUGH! I can’t wait to be stronger so I can really tackle them, especially after my husband did 100 pushups yesterday with just a little difficulty!

Week 1
Day 1 (Monday, Aug. 11): 10, 10, 8, 6, 9
Day 2 (Wednesday, Aug. 13): 12, 12, 10, 10, 13
Day 3 (Saturday, Aug. 16): 15, 13, 10, 10, 17

Week 2
Day 4 (Monday, Aug. 19):
Day 5 (Wednesday, Aug. 21):
Day 6 (Friday, Aug. 23):

I’ve looked over the whole program, and I’m thinking it’s pretty likely that I’ll have to repeat some weeks, which is fine. I’m not in a rush; I just want to be able to do 100 eventually. Then it’s my hope to restart the challenge doing the “real” push ups. Then I can take on my husband! Yeah! 🙂

Now, the real question is: who wants to join me?? (Visit Kat’s blog to see some others who have undertaken the challenge. And really, you should just read her blog anyway. It’s great!)


2 thoughts on “Can You Do 100 Push Ups?

  1. Way to go on the push ups! By the way, I noticed that your promo graphic for JJ Heller is too large. If you would like the code with a smaller graphic, email me and I’ll make it the perfect size for your blog! I’m all kinds of “nerd” when it comes to graphics.


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