Yippie Skippy!

I get to see Stephen tomorrow (technically today I guess)! We’re celebrating our 3 month anniversary (I know it’s cheesy, but I don’t care) by going to Natchez Trace State Park and swimming and renting paddle boats and having the picnic we planned to have on our first date, if it doesn’t rain. If it does rain, we’ll watch Gilmore Girls and rent movies. Since the former sounds much more original than the latter, I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. (Not that I don’t love any chance to watch Gilmore Girls.) Did I mention that Stephen, knowing of my great love for those beloved Gilmores and wishing to share it with me, is systematically watching every episode in the series? I parted with all of my DVD’s (that’s love right there) so he could watch them, and so far he’s made it halfway through season four. His goal is to watch all the way through season six (after it comes out on DVD Sept. 19) before season seven starts, so he and I can watch each new episode together. (“Together” meaning “watching it while on the phone with each other in different cities”. And I’m out of control with the parenthetical asides tonight. My apologies.) Not only is he watching all of the episodes, he actually likes the show! (Sorry, Stephen, I hope it was okay to broadcast this. I wouldn’t want anyone to question your manhood or anything.) I knew I wasn’t crazy for dating him. We’re also going to go out for dinner somewhere, which is always fun. It should be a wonderful day.

On a somewhat related note, it occurred to me recently that a lot of you probably don’t even know how Stephen and I started dating. So here’s what I’ll do: if I get 20 eprops (or comments, even though that’s much too easy for one person to just comment 20 times) for this post, I’ll tell you the story. I haven’t been feeling the Xanga love much lately, and this is my pathetic, last-ditch attempt to get some eprops. We’ll see what happens! Now I’m off to get my beauty sleep!


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