Shades of Blue

It is HOT today! Just a few days ago I slept with the window open in my bedroom, but no more of that. The heat has arrived with a vengeance. Yuck. I hate summer weather. I like the no school part and the sleep in late, eat ice cream, go to the drive-in, watch the sunset late parts, but not the blazing hot and sunny part. Oh well. At least it’s pretty: the sky is a brilliant shade of blue, the clouds are fluffy and playful, and the smell of freshly-cut grass is all around. I love that smell.

Stephen and I are reading Boy Meets Girl, and I highly recommend it. It’s about “dating with a purpose,” and it’s really practical and has solid Biblical wisdom. I read it before, but it’s been a few years, and the way I read things, I’ve forgotten most of what it said, so it’s good to have a refresher course.

Not much else going on. This is the first day I’ve had nothing planned out, and it feels great! My mom and I went to see Poseidon, which was very nerve-racking and entertaining, and I only got teary-eyed once, which is amazing. It’s a fun movie. Not much of a point to it, but sometimes that’s nice.

Have a lovely Saturday! Congrats to all my Union friends graduating!


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