Spring Isn’t Quite Sprung

Well, I was right. Tomorrow the high is in the 70s, and then on Tuesday it’s supposed to drop down to 50, with a low of 32. Yesterday they even had snow forecasted. Good grief. But that’s Tennessee weather for you! (Any Unionites remember the time it snowed in April?)

I was so productive yesterday that I haven’t done much of anything productive today. I have a paper due on Thursday, and I had planned on working on that yesterday, but instead I ended up doing all of my reading for the entire week and grading some papers (always a fun and amusing task). It was definitely a way of putting off work on my paper, but at least it got all of my other work out of the way. I don’t recall having all of my reading done this much in advance since I started grad school. So to reward myself, I went shopping. Pretty much the entire mall was on sale, and I bought this super cute shirt for $5.99, which I wore to church this morning. It got glowing reviews. I also got my hair cut, and it was done perfectly because no one even noticed. All I wanted was a trim, but I can’t tell you how many times the words “I just want a trim” has been interpreted as “Chop it all off!”

Jerry Bridges, author of about a zillion books on Christianity, was the guest speaker at church this morning, and he was wonderful. I will give a full report later after I’ve had time to really digest all of it. As Sorina said to me at one point, “I can’t keep up with him!” Everything he said was worth writing down, which did mean a lot of hasty note-taking. I’m kind of torn about this church I’ve been visiting. There are a lot of wonderful things about it, but one thing that’s missing is any type of invitation or presentation of the Gospel. There’s also no baptismal that I’m aware of, so I’m going to have to ask around and find out what’s what with these things. They’re pretty important, in my opinon.

Two exciting realizations today: Tuesday night I get to see Greenwood in concert, and Thursday night marks the beginning of my Spring Break! Woohoo!


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