I Was Right!

My longtime readers will recall a question I posed almost a year ago:  Can a man and a woman be “just friends” and nothing more?  The question sparked quite an interesting debate, and even though some say it’s possible, I remain firmly in the “it’s highly unlikely” camp.  I don’t think that persons of the opposite sex can be friends without one or the both of them developing some sort of attraction/interest in the other that will end up complicating the friendship.  And now my friends at Reader’s Digest agree with me.  In this month’s issue, columnist Jean Marie Laskas, a regular contributor to my most favoritest of magazines, answers “life’s 25 toughest questions.”  One of these questions is “Can a man and woman ever just be friends?”  Her answer:  “For a short time perhaps.  Making the friendship last requires that you find each other at least vaguely repulsive.  Good luck!” 

Thoughts?  Discuss amongst yourselves!  I’m off to dye my hair.


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