Thoughts on Gilmore Girls

Luke is being a big fat buffoon. His behavior at the Vineyard was completely uncalled for. I realize he’s often portrayed as surly, and it can be part of his charm, but he didn’t have to complain about everything. And then the way he lied to Lorelai about how Logan was acting really made me lose respect for him. Since when does Luke slander others? Not to mention that after Logan saved his butt by giving him a present to give Lorelai, he was all about making nice. And let Lorelai hang out with you and April. Do you want her to be a part of your little ready-made family or not? Grow up, flannel boy! (I hate that the writers are making me hate Luke! I used to love him. I wanted to have his babies, for crying out loud! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.)

I really felt bad for Logan when his dad came bursting in and started laying into him about shirking his family responsibilities. It’s clear Logan wants to make his own path, but his dad will have none of it, and I know that Lorelai definitely can relate to that. I wish they could have had more of a discussion when they were waiting for Rory to come down, but I think that perhaps we’ll see more Logan/Lorelai bonding in future episodes.

As predicted, Lorelai’s not telling Emily the wedding is not happening on June 3rd completely backfired. Leave it to Emily to put an announcement in the paper about the wedding. And leave it to Emily to call Luke a “restaurateur.” Just another subtle way she’s showing her disapproval of Luke and his lifestyle. And heaven forbid there actually be peace between the elder and younger Gilmores for more than two episodes! Of course this is going to cause Lorelai to fight with her mom, and Luke is sure to find out, so they’ll probably fight as well, not that things with them are peachy keen anyway.

No new episode next week. Grr. Is it too much to ask to have more than two episodes shown consecutively? Is this or is this not February sweeps?? And do I or do I not need to get a life? (Don’t answer that.)

More thoughts may come later, but right now I have to run. Peace out, my homies! (Haha, it’s been a while since I pulled out the ghetto lingo, eh, Daniel?)


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